11 Ways To Create A Welcoming Front Entrance For Under 100

Dated: 10/31/2014

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I have posted and will continue to post articles that will tell you what needs to be done and not done to sell your home. My team of professionals, along with myself, come into your house and walk all the rooms, basements, attics and garages included. We do an in depth analysis of your lot and neighborhood. A lot has changed since you moved in and most likely all will add value to your home

Then I walk with you to show all the good, bad and ugly of your home. Is this a good technique to get the listing to sell your home? perhaps not. People do not want to hear criticisms of their home and being a homeowner I do understand. BUT!!! What I do is to work with you to get the absolute highest price you can for your home and at that end of the day that is what you want. I know you do not want to hear how beautiful everything is and leave $50,000 on the table.
Now this absolute highest value must be balanced with the eagerness to sell, any time requirements and of course your budget. Although all my articles go through the least expensive ways to maximize returns and you will get many times over what you spend, you will still need to pay the initial costs.
So what is your home worth, do you know? Even if you do not plan on selling you should know. I wrote an article on this topic, if you would like to read it here is the link “Do You Know The Value Of Your Home?, You Should” 
At the bottom of this post there is a link where I will get you an instant estimate of the value of your home, of course there is no charge and when you are ready I will be the only person you deal with. I work one on one with my clients and have no assistants between 

                             11 Ways To Create A Welcoming Front Entrance For Under 100

1. Clear the way for curb appeal. 
The path to your front door should be at least 3 feet wide so people can walk shoulder to shoulder, with an unobstructed view and no stumbling hazards. So get out those loppers and cut back any overhanging branches or encroaching shrubs.

2. Light the route. 
Landscape lighting makes it easy to get around at night. Solar powered LED lights you can just stick in the ground, requiring no wiring, are surprisingly inexpensive. We found 8 packs for under $60 online.

3. Go glossy. 

Borrow inspiration from London’s lovely row houses, whose owners assert their individuality by painting their doors in high gloss colors. The reflective sheen of a royal blue, deep green, crimson, or whatever color you like will ensure your house stands out from the pack.
4. Pretty up the view. 
A door with lots of glass is a plus for letting light into the front hall but if you also want privacy and a bit of decor, check out decorative window film. It’s removable and repositionable, and comes in innumerable styles and motifs. Pricing depends on size and design; many available for under $30. A way to get the look of stained glass without doing custom work or buying a whole new door: Mount a decorative panel on the inside of the door behind an existing glass insert, $92 or an Arts and Crafts style panel 20inches high by 11incheswide
5. Replace door hardware. 
While you’re at it, polish up the handle on the big front door. Or better yet, replace it with a shiny new brass lockset with a secure deadbolt. Available for about $60.
6. Please knock.
Doorbells may be the norm, but a hefty knocker is a classic that will never run out of battery life, and another opportunity to express yourself (whatever your favorite animal or insect is, there’s a door-knocker in its image).
7. Ever greenery.
Boxwoods are always tidy looking, the definition of easy upkeep. A pair on either side of the door is traditional, but a singleton is good, too. About $25 at garden centers. In cold climates, make sure pots are frost proof (polyethylene urns and boxes mimic terracotta and wood to perfection).

8. Numbers game. 
Is your house number clearly visible? That’s of prime importance if you want your guests to arrive and your pizza to be hot. Stick-on vinyl numbers in a variety of fonts make it easy, starting at about $4 per digit.
9. Foot traffic. 
A hardworking mat for wiping muddy feet is a must. A thick coir mat can be had at the hardware store for less than $20. Even fancier varieties can be found well under $50.
10. Go for the glow. 
Fumbling for keys in the dark isn’t fun. Consider doubling up on porch lights with a pair of lanterns, one on each side of the door, for symmetry and twice the illumination. Many mounted lights are available well under $100.
11. Snail mail. 
Mailboxes run the gamut from kitschy roadside novelties masquerading as dogs, fish, or what have you to sober black lockboxes mounted alongside the front door. Whichever way you go, make sure yours is standing or hanging straight, with a secure closure, and no dings or dents. The mail carrier will thank you. 

                                      WHAT IS THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME

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